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Nov 18th 2016 - Hong Kong

Basketball Tournament

sponsored by Interglobo Far East

Good Evening Ladies,Gentlemen and Players,

As you saw this year Interglobo Far East decided to make a big change for our annual party, bringing hopefully more fun and entertainment. Also we wanted to show all our guests what we do here in Asia to support young people in various activities…, art, culture and of course sports.

So this year we will not annoying you too much talking about business even if we do not forget that all we do is thank to the hard work we all put in our daily job of freight forwarder, with the support of all the people in our offices in Asia, in Europe and in America.

We thanks all our guests from Hong Kong and China, and of course also the ones travelling all the way from Italy and NorthAmerica. So many of them and I cannot list now, …but thanks to ALL!

I hope that you all enjoyed our players in the exhibition games you saw today. Thanks to the ESF TEAM in Hong Kong and the FIVE STAR SPORT TEAM Shenzhen, INTERGLOBO is able to carry on the project related to YOUNG PEOPLE. Our players probably will not reach the big audience in the major leagues but we do not care. We are happy if they learn something through sports and in particular with games, competitions, tournaments, overseas travels and more that Interglobo support in this project. Whatever they learn we are sure that it is something that they will keep forever in their life.